she's the photographer

Hi! I'm Sam. I am twenty years old, married to my absolute best friend, and currently living in Lakeland, Florida as we pursue going back into the mission field.

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was twelve but I really began to understand the importance and value in good photographs when I got married to Johnny. I realized then how important it was to capture what our life is like now and who we are as people so that one day, when we are much older, we can relive those same memories. I hope to be able to capture the sweet times and memories for anyone who is looking to catch a point in time in their hands and tuck it away for later.

Head over to our contact page and send me a message if you're wanting that same thing!

I   L I K E    //

01. polaroids

02. the oh hellos

03. anything wes anderson

04. c. s. lewis + j. r. r. tolkien

05. coffee (cappuccino's are my favorite)

I   D I S L I K E    //

01. scary movies

02. country music

03. olives

04. reality tv

05. the noise your nail makes when it scraps the interior roof of the car