But Like, What Are We About?

Written by Jonathan

Our mission statement is this: to unify the Church through sharing cultural exploration and to use relevant platforms to bridge the gap between the mission-minded and the mission.

But what does it mean?

This statement attempts to encompass a much, much larger picture. As God has slowly revealed the calling into missions to each of us the vision has seemed to grow dramatically with each and every revelation. This has taken Sam and I so long to fully understand because this vision doesn’t really fit into any template for missions that either of us have experienced or heard of before. Each time we think we fully understand it, God reveals something more to us that we didn't even know we were missing and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It stands to reason that with each of these revelations it takes even more time further beyond digesting them to be able to regurgitate them and comprehensibly explain them to others (woah, sorry. That’s a weird way to explain that…).

We know that as you follow with each and every blog post, email update, status update, vlog, and social media post, you will witness this vision unveiled more and more, but even still we want to dive further into this with you to attempt to paint a more vivid picture of the calling that the Lord has placed on our hearts.

So… here it goes.

  • Have you ever been on a missions trip?
  • What did you do there?
  • Was it short term or long term?
  • Are you sure that you did everything in your power to make a lasting difference for Christ?
  • Have you been on multiple missions trips?
  • Did they seem to all follow the same template regardless of the region you were ministering to?
  • Did you talk to the missionaries living there long term? I mean, REALLY talk to them?

For me these answers were “Yes”, “humanitarian work”, “short”, “I think so”, “yes”, “actually… yeah”, and “ummm kinda?” until my first visit to Budapest, Hungary. 

This trip didn’t have much of a template. During our time there God revealed to us that our purpose was to encourage a discouraged team that had been on the ground there for 10+ years and through this encouragement He did amazing things.

This really got me thinking. I had never heard of someone saying, "Lets make it a priority to love on and encourage these missionaries that are here long term." I had never heard, "Lets really soak in this culture and try our best to identify with these missionaries, you know, the day in and day out sacrifices that they make to bring the gospel to this area." I had never heard, "Hey, with all of this seed planting we are doing short term, we ought to set aside time to really invest in the people that God has chosen to work in and through during the cultivation process." And I began to wonder why.

After seeing the difference that this encouragement and empathy made to a group of missionaries in Budapest, God began to unravel a mission to me that I didn’t even yet realize. He gave me a passion for missionaries on the ground and for opening the eyes of the worldwide church to the fact that those missionaries need an abundance of our love and our encouragement. ("To unify the Church...").

He also gave me the realization that even though the area they are living in isn't baron or economically oppressed or suffering from natural disasters or is experiencing shortages of food and water, the devil is at work just the same, he is just using different tools that aren’t quite as obvious to spiritually oppress entire people groups and to viscously attack those in the mission field. This creates a very dangerous situation when you combine it with the fact that we (the world wide Church) do not make it a great enough priority to love on and support those on the ground long term and instead have the mentality of “Wow! They get to be missionaries in Europe! That must be so much nicer than being missionaries out in the desert or living in huts in the jungle!” 

Okay I’m getting a little off topic here...

These are issues for another blog post at another time. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah.

He gave me a passion for missionaries on the ground, and He also gave me the desire to share with the world the day in and day out of what these missionaries deal with. To expose the tools that Satan is using in different cultures all around the world, the tools that aren’t as obvious as famine or disaster by exposing ourselves (my wife and I) to those cultures and learning and loving on the people and the missionaries who live there ("... through sharing cultural exploration...").

And to do this in a way that is actually relevant to the way that the world consumes information now ("... and to use relevant platforms..."). So many missionaries are getting this piece SO wrong. I mean seriously. Go on Instagram and search "#missionary" or "#missionaries" and you will quickly see that Mormon’s are kicking our butts. And still, in the grand scheme of things, they aren't even making a peep loud enough to hear amongst the celebrity gossip, D.I.Y. tutorials, advertisements, etc.

Oh gosh… I’m doing it again. Another post at another time, Johnny…

Anywho. I began to think, “This actually could be done. Maybe this is what the Lord has been preparing me for...” And it was! He provided me a job that challenged me in video and marketing, He threw the responsibility of producing a TV show with no experience in that whatsoever on me, and through all of this He was familiarizing me with the tools that I would need to share His vision with the world. 

My wife and I came to understand over time that the best (and I think only) way to properly share the intricacies of different cultures and the implications that they have on missionaries is to go be missionaries in those cultures. We need to share our experiences and the experiences of others along the way. We aspire to open eyes, just like my eyes were opened by the things I learned and experienced on that trip I took to Budapest. We believe that the information we share will assist in connecting the called to the calling. ("... to bridge the gap between the mission-minded and the mission.").

So thats our statement. It's a lot to cram into one blog post and I still feel like I may have only grazed the surface, but we will be expanding on all of those rabbit trails I tried to go off on as well as many other topics that my wife and I are passionate about in blogs to come, such as the fine line that many believers love to dance on between missions and vacation. 

And hey, guess what else? I love you! You take the time out of your life to read our blog posts, to visit our website, to watch our vlogs (more are coming, I promise {especially when our feet touch Hungarian soil in September}), and maybe even to subscribe to our newsletter. That investment makes us feel incredible and keeps us going. To know we have people like you in our lives humbles us and encourages us so much! So I want to end this post just by thanking you again. You’ll here us say that a lot and I promise you we mean it on a level greater than we can even communicate every single time.