But Like, What Are We Going To Do?


So, if you have been following along with us you probably know our hearts, our passion, and God's direction for Capture A Cause, if not check this blog out really quick but like, what are we about? That blog post is our best attempt to communicate a God sized "dream project" (as our good friend Sarah Koontz phrased it) that we are, as of now, in the very beginning stages of implementing. 

So how do we start this "dream project"? We have no experience doing this, we have no material from the field to show examples of our work, right now Capture A Cause as a "dream project" is just that, a dream.

So what are we going to do? 

Well, with much prayer and council we came to the conclusion that the best possible way to begin this "dream project" is to go into the mission field as active missionaries. If we dream to better understand and explain cultures as they relate to missions what better way than becoming missionaries ourselves, planting ourselves in those cultures along side active missionaries giving us the opportunity to work on our "dream project" along the way?

So what are we going to do?

On September 10th, 2017 we will be moving to Budapest, Hungry to assist our church's (Church at the Mall) European RS7 Church plant (called Agora) in the planting of their second campus! Since Church at the Mall’s last mission trip to Agora two years ago, we have seen the congregation more than double in size, an extremely rapid growth rate in stark contrast to the prior six grueling years since the church was planted. This amount of growth is particularly unusual for the spiritually dark climate of the region and is unmistakably moving Agora into the beginning stages of a God sized movement to win the country of Hungary back for the Kingdom of the Lord.

Due to the shame culture in this area of Europe, a certain level of intimacy is necessary to an atmosphere allowing the people of Hungry to open up to Christ and for constructive growth in Christ. This is where Agora Buda comes in. By planting a second Agora campus on the Buda side of the Danube River it allows the now much larger congregation to return to an intimate atmosphere by dividing the members between the two campuses while simultaneously spreading the presence of Jesus to the other side of the river through the newly influencing presence of Agora Buda which, in turn, will generate a larger presence for Christ in the country as a whole.

As of this time, our primary roles in the planting of Agora Buda (and better establishing Agora as a whole) are to assist in tech setup, tech crew training, creating and implementing marketing strategies, plus assembling and training a marketing team in photography, videography, editing, graphic animation, graphic design, social media management, etc. 

But what’s next? Is this mission in Hungary JUST for 3 months? And what will we do after? 

The truth is, we aren’t EXACTLY sure. We do know however that we will give all that we have to accomplish the mission at hand and as the Lord provides and directs we will continue on mission to wherever He leads us. All along the way we will be adding content to our website (vlogs, interviews, short films, blogs, photos) in an attempt to equip believers bound on mission to better understand the life of missionaries all around the world and the people groups to which they are called, “to unify the Church through sharing cultural exploration and to use relevant platforms to bridge the gap between the mission-minded and the mission.”


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