My name is Jonathan Bryant, pseudonym: Johnny B. I'm a goofy, eccentric, fun loving creator. Also, I’m married to the rootinest tootinest chick on the planet, Samantha! I love Jesus, traveling, and tech, and I, tend, to, overuse, commas, and, exc!amata!on points!!! (*forewarning*)

I can't remember a time when creativity wasn't my strongest form of self expression. From a young age I've always enjoyed telling stories and capturing moments. I was super into drawing and making flip books, taking pictures and recording video, and all of my school presentations were FULL of overused custom animations.

I got my nerdy start creating little silly animations in a program called Macromedia Flash MX, making stop motion videos, and dubbing audio over movie clips to make them completely ridiculous. Eventually I graduated to more serious projects, software, and hardware and before long I was fully submerged in the worlds of photography, videography, graphic design, animation, audio engineering and so on.

My love for creation has only grown. I spent my middle and high school years as my youth ministry's videographer intern and hopped from Balloon Artist at Chili's to tech specialist at Target eventually into a "real" job as Graphic Designer for a local business. 

This is where my transition into ministry occurred. After a year I was asked to begin producing videos as well, but as this progressed I began to feel the Lord pulling my interest further and further away. Over and over He would repeat this daunting question in my head: "Why are you doing this for some random Lakeland based company and not for Me?" As time moved on the conviction became stronger and God provided an easy out in the form of a boss coming into work drunk (ask me about that story sometime, it’s a doozy). So00… That day I said "deuces!" and followed my conviction.

I took a leap of faith. I quit my job, moved back in with my parents and sent word out to churches in the area saying "Graphic Designer/ Videographer will work for free", believing that as God has promised He will provide. This turned into an internship at Church at the Mall which later turned into occasional paid projects, then into a full time job, and then ended because of large staff layoffs, which is where our first vlog begins! Click here to see it!


The rest of my story is still unraveling! It’s been a wild ride and I don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon.

Thanks for following!

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