Thank you for your support!

we can't put into words how truly thankful we are. To paint a mental portrait, Imagine us ringing a little bell very excitedly.

that'd make a really fun ding, wouldn't it?

(ha. get it? Fun Ding?)

Gosh, guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so blessed to have such amazing supporters such as yourself, and even more blessed that we get to keep on doing what the Lord is calling us to do with your help! Whether you have chosen to support us through funding or prayer or by watching our vlogs or by subscribing to our email list or by following our social media accounts, in whatever ways, we need you, we value you, and we love you.

We are so humbled to announce that through your support our funding goal for our current mission to Budapest, Hungary has been reached. We are just flat out amazed at your belief in us and your heart for missions! You all are so amazing!

We never anticipated that you all would help us reach our goal. Due to the financial cap being reached, the account designated for this trip has been closed to further donations. However, Capture A Cause will continue in ministry as long as the Lord allows far further beyond this first trip!

This page will be updated in the near future as we pursue options, pray about how the Lord would will us to continue raising support for further mission, and as He leads us and directs us on this crazy adventure. In the meantime, we covet your prayers more than you will ever know! As the Lord has continued to bless us with strength, wisdom, and direction we know and can feel the difference that you all have made as you have continued to lift us up in prayer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!