Szalonnasütés At Normafa

We went to a prayer meeting held at the Jordan's (a sweet young couple with two adorable children who moved from America to Hungary) during our first couple of days in Budapest. In the meeting the word szalonnasütés kept coming up. I honestly can't remember for the life of me how it was brought up, but when we asked about it we were told that it was a Hungarian camp food that was kind of like their version of smores. To make it, you get a piece of pig fat, put it on a skewer or stick, and roast it over a fire. As the fat begins to melt, you rub it or let it drip onto a piece of freshly made bread. Once the piece of bread has a substantial amount of melted fat on it, you top it off with onions and peppers. Unless you're Hungarian or have had szalonnasütés before, your reaction is probably very similar to ours: "You smear melted fat onto bread and eat it? Who thought that was a good idea?"

Everyone at the prayer meeting insisted that we try it, so they made plans to go to a park called Normafa on a Sunday morning to have szalonnasütés and fellowship as a church family. We were both incredibly skeptical about whether or not we would like it, but since it's a Hungarian food that we probably would never get to eat in America, we went for it. And friends... I truly believe that you have not experienced life until you have tasted szalonnasütés before. It's the oddest combination of food, but somehow when you put it together it all makes sense.

We had such an amazing time eating food + having fellowship with our church family. Hungary is truly beginning to feel like home to us and these people are beginning to feel like family. We have no idea what God has planned for us after these three months in Budapest but we definitely wouldn't mind if He told us to stay for a bit longer.

// Jonathan + Samantha