Savannah and the Palm Fronds // Lakeland, Florida Portrait Photographer

Gosh, this session. Typically we aren't big fans of anything that seems to scream "FLORIDA!" (see also: yet another reason why we are moving to Washington State in May), but we are seriously loving how these images of Savannah turned out. Can you even blame us, though? The colors, the tones, her outfit, her hair... It all paired together so well. Still, we can't wait to be in the mountains taking photos of gorgeous rivers and trees.

Can we just take you with us, Savannah?

We played around a little bit with making our own preset in Lightroom and we really like the way this turned out. We're wanting to get more into doing our own presets and potentially selling them if anyone likes them enough to buy them, but that will definitely be a lot farther down the road. Still, let us know if you're interested in that and we'll think about sharing them with you!


We're trying to stay productive and busy as we wait to hear back from Western Washington University on their decision. It definitely has not been an easy thing, especially when they lost one of our transcripts and couldn't locate it even after we ordered two more from Polk State College to be delivered to them (the anxiety in those two weeks was insaaaaaaane). Luckily, both of our applications have been fully submitted and completed, so we're just obsessively checking the mail for our letters.

In the meantime, we've been doing a lot of editing, a lot of filming and photographing, a lot of writing, a lot of planning, a lot of concert-going (we've seen Josh Garrels and we're seeing The Oh Hellos on April 14th), a lot of selling-of-our-belongings, a lot of adventuring, a lot of moments spent thinking "what are we doing?", a lot of creating, a lot of dreaming, and a lot of stressing.

We don't want to sugarcoat any of this and make it appear like we have it all together and know exactly what we are doing, because we don't. We've spent many sleepless nights researching places to live, talking about how to get to Washington, and many, many coffee-filled mornings planning out the next two months. This isn't easy, but there is also a comforting measure of God stepping in and saying "Hey, I've asked you to do this, so just do it", just like He asked us to do when we got married, and just like He asked us to do when we committed to moving to Budapest.


So we'll just keep waiting and checking the mailbox (we're sure the postman can now recognize us in a crowded room) and waiting some more, and in the meantime, we'll keep shooting and filming and editing. 

And if you didn't know this yet, we're still taking on clients until May, so click here to get in contact with us and we'll go grab coffee (or tea, if you're that kind of person).