Life Updates || Moving Back, College, and the IMB

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Gosh, we've missed this. Life has been wild & busy for us and we've kind of pushed our website and vlogs to the back burner. We've missed it so much, but it's just been too crazy for us to pull out a camera and film or sit down and write everything out. But now our life has settled down enough to where I feel like we've gotten into somewhat of a routine and we can start updating you all more frequently (I'm hoping at least once a week!).

I guess the first place to begin is that we are back in Lakeland, Florida and have been since December 5th. Leaving Budapest was bittersweet; we couldn't wait to see the people we had been missing for the past three months, but we also hated leaving all of the friends we made over there. But it's 2018 and we're blessed that we can still communicate and keep up with everyone and see what's going on in their lives and what's happening with Agóra Gellért.

I think the last vlog we posted was giving a few details about our plans with applying with the IMB. After moving back to America, we filled out the extensive paperwork, sent in our photographs, and started emailing back and forth with our consultant and regional manager. They reviewed our application and gave us a quick "no" because we both have not gotten our bachelor's degrees. We tried to explain to them that we were just living in Hungary and that we had a missionary on the field who had filled out a job request for us to come back and be on the Hungary team, but they still told us no and pointed us towards the short-term missions opportunities.

That was a hard pill to swallow. We knew that the Lord wanted us in Hungary and it seemed like the divine opportunity for us to go back with an organization that would pay us (meaning we wouldn't need to raise support) had completely crumbled in front of us. Which really sucked.

We decided to wait for the Shaw's to get to America for the Mission's Celebration that they were asked to be apart of at our church and talk to them about it then. When they got here, we talked and talked and talked about the why's and how's and the what-the-heck-do-we-do-now's, but it all came down to this: we were pushing God to get us there now when it was becoming clear to all of us that it wasn't in His plan for us to be there yet.

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After a crazy confirmation from God that He still wanted us in Hungary and we just needed to wait a bit, Johnny and I started talking about everything we could do with our life as we waited to move back, and college came up. Johnny has his Associates Degree and I am one class short of mine (which is an insane story how that happened, but I felt like the Lord was asking me to put my schooling on hold to move to Budapest!), and we began to realize the importance of having degrees. We researched like crazy some schools and degrees we could get, and then started asking each other where we would want to live. I feel like this is a really cool place in life where we have the opportunity and ability to just go live anywhere we want, and so after lots and lots of research and dreaming and planning, we decided we wanted to move to Washington State! We don't really like Florida all too much but stay because we have family here, but we feel like this is our opportunity to explore and adventure around together and live in a place where we've always dreamed and wished and hoped to live (plus there are mountains there 😍). We applied at Western Washington University and are anxiously waiting to hear back from them on whether or not we've been accepted, and if we do get accepted, we're planning on moving in May!

We know that a lot of people won't understand this at all. Why would we move away from family? Why would we not start looking into the self-funded route that a lot of missionaries take? Why would we go to a secular college and not seminary, especially if we eventually want to move back to Hungary as missionaries? And why would we move away from a place like Florida and into a "liberal" state like Washington? 

The short answer is this: because we want to. Because we want to live an adventurous life and we want to go somewhere we would enjoy living since it's looking like we won't be able to get back to Hungary for a few years (at the least). We kind of just feel like it and believe that God is giving us the "okay" for this.

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So that is pretty much it for us! Of course, that isn't all of the details, but if you want to know more feel free to comment and ask us about it! We're pretty much open books at this point!

Photos by Ardency & arrow Co.