Life Lately // October 2017

We've come to realize that we post a lot on our Instagram accounts (which can be found here, here, and here!) and some of our followers have reached out to us and said that they'd love to see what we post on Instagram but they don't have an Instagram account. So, we thought it'd be a good idea to post some of our Instagram highlights at the end of each month for everyone to see!

October has been a crazy month for us! We started renovations on the new Agóra Gellért building, we explored lots of hidden nooks-and-crannies in Budapest, we got on a train and went outside of Budapest, and we both got sick with the flu (or altitude sickness... we aren't really sure). 😅 But we're looking forward to November and seeing all that it holds! If it was anything like October, it's going to be rad.

01. The architecture here is stunning! Most buildings have shops on the ground floor and flats the rest of the way up. We have a gelato shop and liquor/convenience store on the ground floor of our building.

02. We went to the Budapest Zoo and hung out with the goats.

03. Chasing the light and taking photos around the city is one of our favorite things to do!

04. The coffee here is amazing and so cheap! A flat white and a cappuccino cost us around $4 whereas we can't leave a coffee shop in America without paying at least $11 for the same thing. We think it tastes better in Budapest, too. 😉

05. The leaves are changing colors and the weather is starting to cool down a lot. These Florida natives are loving and enjoying every bit of it!

06. Halloween isn't popular here at all. Instead, they have a day called All Saint's Day on November 1st where they go and visit the graves of their loved ones and family members. It's a very solemn day that they spend in remembrance of the deceased.

07. We had the Lord's Supper at the Jordan's house one Sunday this month. It was a beautiful time remembering the sacrifices our Savior made for us in the presence of our friends. The intimacy was something we hadn't really experienced before. It was amazing.

08. We met Leah Raiffeisen and Kelly VanDevender of New Song International who are currently living and doing missions work in the Ukraine. It was so cool getting to meet young like-minded missionaries who could identify with the struggles of following a call God has placed on all of our lives! We're hoping to go and visit them for a few days in Ukraine next month!

09. Fall. Autumn. Whatever you like to call it, we love it.

// Johnny + Sam