Coming To Terms With Change


It's been an emotional past couple of days. Satan seems to be attacking us with everything he's got, tempting us to be more irritated with each other for no real reason, reoccurring dreams of family members dying, trying to get us to put up emotional boundaries with people, and even going as far as letting little things like forgetting a camera battery ruin our entire day (seriously, that happened). It has not been easy, but we are trying to cling to the truth that is Jesus and the knowledge that we are indeed here for a reason. We have realized the importance of being in the Bible daily, because without that time with our Father we are 10x more prone to the devil's attacks. 

One of the things Satan has recently tried to get us with is the discomfort with change. It's kind of ironic that while we are battling to listen to God above the noise we are experiencing our first autumn here in Budapest. Autumn, a season of change. We're all for seasonal change! We were selfishly excited to witness fall firsthand in a country that actually has it, because who doesn't want to finally break out the sweaters + boots + jackets they've been holding onto for years in hot & humid Florida? And who doesn't want to walk around feeling the crisp autumn air with a cup of hot coffee? And we won't even get started on how excited we are to try the Hungarian spiced wine that is sold at every restaurant and market during this time of year!

Actual life changes, though? We weren't too sure how we felt about that, but God planted a thought into Johnny's head that has been confirmed through conversations and moments only He can orchestrate about living a life of constant change. A life where we don't spend a long time living in one country, where we are constantly laying our heads down in a new place. A life where we share everything & anything online and be as transparent as possible through our website, Youtube channel, and social media pages.

It can be kind of a terrifying thing; the idea of never having consistency. We aren't going to lie, we're kind of afraid. We're afraid of not living in our home country until God calls us to. We're afraid of missing milestones in friends & family's lives. We're afraid of losing touch with people who were once so close to us. We're afraid of not having our own place to call home, a place where we can hang pictures and decorate and create memories and have people over for holiday dinner parties. We're afraid of saying goodbye to the people we meet and fall in love with in all the different countries we'll live in. 

But we're also excited! We're excited to make memories all over the world. We're excited about the people we are going to meet and the stories we are going to hear. We're excited for the experiences we will have. We're excited for the opportunity to learn about different cultures and how God shows Himself to different groups of people. We are excited for the opportunity to travel at a young age and as a newlywed couple. We are excited for the chance to be a part of new traditions. We're excited to document our life and share it with the world. Most of all, we're excited to be doing what God has called us to do.

If you think of us, please pray against the attacks Satan seems to want to get us with almost every single minute and please continue to pray for the church that is being planted here in Hungary. We love you all and are excited to get to share more of our personal and daily lives with you!

// Jonathan + Samantha