Abigail and the Funny Latte // Lakeland, Florida Portrait Photographer


Abigail is one of our really good friends. She's witty and funny and now one of our favorite people to take pictures of because when we tell her "look down at your coffee and laugh", she does it as if her cup of coffee just told the best joke she's ever heard.

Seriously, we are loving these tones and colors, and Hillcrest Coffee was the best and most hospitable place to shoot at. Johnny went in to go get us all coffee and asked the people working what the prettiest coffee that they made was. He told them that we were outside taking photos, so they made the latte art in Abigail's coffee especially pretty for the photos! If you're in downtown Lakeland, stop by Hillcrest and try their aeropress coffee!


Life has been about the same for us. We're still waiting to hear back from Western Washington University and we've spent a good majority of this week moving the furniture that we are keeping at my (Sam) parent's house and attempting to sell the remaining bits of house decor and clothing items we have through Facebook. I also had jury duty this week for the first time ever, so that was fun. It was for the grand jury, so luckily when I told them that we are moving to Washington State in May, they excused me for the rest of the day.

Everything is getting a little more real for us and we're getting a little more excited at the opportunity to pursue photography and videography full-time up in Bellingham, Washington. We've been working harder than I think we've ever worked and spending countless hours writing blog posts, filming vlogs (we're going to start filming weekly vlogs!), researching equipment (we just bought Johnny a camera solely for videography!), and figuring out how the heck we are going to move across the country in May (so if anyone has any advice, let us know!).