A Fresh Start


Our big news is out and our new website is LIVE! We are so excited for this new journey (can you tell by our faces?) and fresh start to what we have been working towards for the past couple of months. Thank you for following along!

It's kind of crazy how this all happened and I'm sure some of you are scratching your heads like "Um. What the heck is this? Weren't they just Capture A Cause?". And yeah, we were. We were Capture A Cause and we were the Bryant's, two separate entities trying to figure out how to mesh things together while still maintaining somewhat of a gap to keep us from becoming Capture A Cause (you know, "not bringing your work home to the family" type of thing). It was exhausting at times. We so badly wanted Capture A Cause to become a sort of ministry for us and for missionaries, but we were so lost as to how it could happen. We wanted to share what was going on in our life, but we felt like, since we were trying to steer Capture A Cause down the ministry route, that we couldn't share anything that wasn't ministry-related. We felt like if we had something good and heartfelt and Jesus oriented to share on social media, we had to share it on Capture A Cause. We had to keep things separate enough to still keep our personal lives just that: personal.

Until Trey Shaw happened. Until he told us one morning while having coffee in Budapest that that is where a lot of people get it wrong. They think ministry and life are two separate categories, when in reality, they should be one and the same. If you really are living for Jesus your ministry is your life and your life is your ministry. There is no "leaving your work at work" when your "work" is something you live day in and day out. 

We both felt conviction. So after lots of thinking, lots of things weighing on both of our hearts, + prayer, we decided to do away with the name Capture A Cause and the idea that we were creating a ministry apart from ourselves. What we want to do remains the same: we hope to be sent into the world to document churches, missionaries, and cultures that need Jesus, and to help out with any needs the missionaries or churches may have. The only thing that is different is that you'll get a front row seat into our lives and see first hand what we experience as we do life, whether we travel abroad again or never leave American soil (because we don't know what the next step for us is). Because sometimes life is boring, sometimes it gets hard, sometimes things don't go our way, and sometimes bad things happen. We don't want to fabricate anything or pretend we are living a life we aren't. We don't want to put on some face or only share the things that are related to one specific topic. Our life is our ministry and our ministry is our life, so we want you to see it all.

Capture A Cause is still a big part of our story. Without God prompting and us responding by starting Capture A Cause this wouldn't have happened. We wouldn't have this chance to respond in obedience after feeling conviction. Who knows where we would have been or what we would be doing in life. So we don't regret it at all, we just now have a deeper understanding of what ministry is.

We can't wait to take you on this adventure with us.

// Jonathan + Samantha

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