we're the bryant's


we love jesus, each other, and coffee. lots of coffee.

Hi! We're Johnny + Sam. We laugh a lot, we hug a lot, and we try to come up with a pun for every situation. You usually can find us behind a camera or a laptop, at a coffee shop, or trying to figure out the best Jean-Ralphio quote to put on our letter board in our bedroom (he's got some good quotes, lemme tell you!).

We got married on September 23rd, 2016 and celebrated our first anniversary living in Budapest, Hungary as missionaries. It was there we truly began to develop a passion for capturing people and stories, and when we moved back to Lakeland, Florida in December, we decided to begin pursuing the passions and talents the Lord had given us full-time. We hope to move back to Hungary, but for now, we are and always have been creators, so we will continue to create.

We take a lot of pictures, we shoot a lot of video, and we write a lot of words, and we share all of it here.

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